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Translations from English

(USA & United Kingdom)

to Italian and from Italian to English.


Welcome to "translationfast". I'm a freelance translator and this site is to make my services known to people interested in perfect translations, delivered as fast as possible. Basically I'm dealing with translating, proofreading, typesetting and editing tasks, my services.

I mainly work with English and Italian languages.

I have more than twenty years of experience in the field of translations, revisions and editing.

My specialties are electronic, mechanical, automotive and air conditioning appliances, but I have translated properties in many other subjects and I do not disregard translating in other specialties or fields, I also do legal translations.

My ability to translate stems from my experience in Los Angeles where I lived for 12 years working as a translator and where I learned to speak and write the English language. There I came across what is called Study Technology which I used to learn
the English language. Thanks to it I was able to learn the English language with its many idioms and slangs and also to recognize that the key to understand something is to understand the words that convey that "something". And this applies to any language and to any subject. So, I start to use vocabularies and glossaries as a routine, for any new word, and this never stopped. as any word that is not understood hinders the communication of concepts, that is what a translation has to accomplish.

I did translate using this key element since 1994 and in 2005 I become a Project Manager for the Italian Translation Unit I was working in, with quality assurance duties.

I also learned the use of several graphic programs in order to typeset the text I translate. This allows me to  deliver a complete translation product.

Whether it's a PowerPoint presentations or an Excel file or a simple letter or any other publication, I will get your message translated in Italian maintaining its original design.

Submit your request with information about your project through the "Contact Information" section and I will take care of it.


I translate from English to Italian (English USA & United Kingdom)
This includes video subtitles and any other properties.


Proofreading is being done
on Italian and English properties
(English USA & United Kingdom)


Editing is being done on Italian and English properties
(English USA & United Kingdom)


My rates are in relation to several factors:
How urgently the translation is needed.
How many words it is.
The subject to be translated.
For more information about it, please contact me:
Phone numbers: 
(39) 338 1988280
(39) 371 3867658
(39) 02 39001993
Or you can contact me via e-mail:

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